RIP Cintiq

So my cintiq turned off for the last time on Thursday after work and did not power on Friday. I'm currently going back and fourth with WACOM to deal with getting it sent in for repairs, as it should still be under warranty. The only thing I worry about is how long that may take, as it could be weeks before I get something working again. In the meantime, this will give me a good opportunity to get stuff sorted elsewhere both in my personal life and with the BOOK I print which I'm still having problems with. Thank you everyone for your patience.

Edit 2-22-23: Unfortunately, it's taking longer than I anticipated to troubleshoot with WACOM. My Cintiq is still in my house and they are sending me a replacement AC Adapter to see if that is the issue (I have my serious doubts, but I understand they are going through a checklist). The silver lining is that having my Cintiq out of commission allowed me to get some things in my personal life straightened up and I'm looking forward to getting some accounting work finished. I still miss drawing a whole lot, though. I'll keep sharing updates each week to keep you all in the know. Thank you again for your patience.