9 - LUX ET TENEBRAE : Page 37


Hey all. I was originally going to write how excited I am to announce that last week was the first week I started working on the comic full time, but that may not last long, because my Partner's YouTube Channel is being hit regarding their COPPA regulations and is threatening our livelihood.

I don't even want to type this because I'm so upset, but I wanted to draw attention to my Patreon. The following is from the announcement where was originally announcing the full time work, so it sounds more cheerful.

I still have to do some housekeeping on there before I heavily promote it, but the tier I want to draw attention to is the $10 Tier. It's essentially the tier in which you get progress updates nearly every work day on discord and see what I work on as it's being made on a private channel just for the $10+ tiers.

Here's what it was like illustrating this page and sharing it in the channel, for example, from about 3 weeks ago:


It also goes without saying that you see pages as they are completed, so you'll be weeks and even months ahead of the public down-the-line.

However, I have other tiers as low as $1 so every little bit is appreciated.

I'll keep you all posted. For more timely updates, you can follow my Twitter. Thanks for the readership, all.