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Re: "Sever"

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! There is big news for the site. Smackjeeves (the comic platform I'm hosting this comic on--where you are right now!) is about to drastically change into something more similar to Webtoon/Tapas. What this means is that all the custom layout, character pages, bonus Patreon content will be no longer under the Smackjeeves platform.

Fear not, although it's money and time I wasn't exactly planning on spending, I will be moving this comic onto a different host, so by-and-large, this shouldn't affect you too much as readers--hopefully. While all this is a huge pain on my end, it may open more opportunities for the design, layout, pages, etc. You'll see this change come very soon, because everything will convert on December 3rd (!!!).

Thank you all for your readership! Peace.