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Quick Book I Print Pre-Launch News

Hey everyone! It should come as no surprise that I've been super busy getting this thing put together!

I did want to brief everyone that I've halted the plans to make this Kickstarter a softcover. The campaign will start as a goal for the hardcover from the beginning! The reason for this was that it was too logistically complicated to set the campaign up to split the book, given there would be no option to get the first volume of the 2 softcover, and that alienates a lot of potential newcomers. The name of the game however is the hardcover, so we're going to go for that off-the-bat! The best part is that the price point will be a little lower for everyone: $40 per book for the Earlybird special, but do keep your eyes peeled, as that price will only last 3 days! After that, it will be $50. I'll be announcing the campaign here, my twitter, instagram, the Suihira discord, and Tik Tok on March 30th, so keep your eyes peeled, mark your calendar, etc. If you want me to email you directly when the campaign launches, you can email me at riana @ with a little blurb that you want to be added to an email list, and I will add you to it.

A quick thing about Book II, I plan on launching not too long after the crowdfunding campaign ends, as I don't want both projects to eclipse each other.

I will get back to getting everything ready, thank you so much everyone, see you next week!

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