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Author Q&A - 2, Tips for Beginners

Resources mentioned: - A great resource for learning how to draw if you're an absolute beginner. - A paid online school that allows you to either do the lessons on your own or with instructors guidance.

My Patreon - Where you can join the Apprentice Tier and have me guide you on artmaking for an hour each month on discord, and join a small community of other Apprentices on discord where I recommend books to read each month, and talk about all things related to academic art.

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling - The best storytelling advice by Pixar writers distilled to its most important points.

"Invisible Ink" By Brian McDonald - A book about what makes the bones of every good story.

"Story" By Robert McKee - Another good book about storytelling, but a lot longer and less concise.

"Understanding Comics" By Scott McCloud - Essential reading for those either interested in reading or making comics.

"Making Comics" By Scott McCloud - A good follow up to get you started on making comics with the guide of Scott McCloud.

If you have any questions about this Q&A or for a future Q&A, feel free to ask in the comments!

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